A Robust Understanding of Patient Care History

The Virtual Integrated Patient Record (VIPR) is a community health record specific to the Great Lakes Health Connect network.

Better information leads to more accurate diagnosis and treatment, meaning you can give your patients the care that meets their individual needs. VIPR gives you access to the information that fuels their health.

Reduce​ ​Redundancy,​ ​Improve​ ​Outcomes

VIPR​ ​gives​ ​you:

• Real time access to statewide patient health information
• Enriched communication and administrative efficiency
• A detailed record of interactions and medical history
• Support informed care decisions
• Improve continuity, coordination, and timeliness of care

Protect​ ​Your​ ​Patients

Protecting patient information is a top priority as we collaborate with healthcare providers to improve health outcomes and healthcare value for patients. Those who access protected health information are subject to strict privacy laws under HIPAA. VIPR is regularly audited to prevent unauthorized access to patient information.

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