Fax Header (1)Hospitals traditionally deliver laboratory, radiology, and transcribed documents to the ambulatory community by fax, which can be inefficient and puts patient information at risk. GLHC offers three alternative ways to receive these documents:

1. Discrete delivery of information in your EMR.

This method allows providers and medical staff to stay in the EMR when providing patient care.

2. Delivery into your network folder.

From the network folder on your computer the documents can be delivered into a Fax Server, not the fax machine. No more scanning faxes!

3. Delivery into the GLHC iNBox.

The iNBox is one component of the GLHC Command Center, a web application installed on your network. The other Command Center components are ADT NotifiationsReferrals, and Direct. For more detailed information about the GLHC iNBox, check out the User Guides.

A GLHC Implementation Consultant can help you decide which of these option is best for your organization. Contact your local Implementation Consultant today!